Cage and Accessories

You have to offer your cockatiel a comfortable life because its life is now your responsibility. Your bird needs you, so you have to know the characteristics, living conditions and needs of the animal you will own. Otherwise, you cannot go beyond torturing him.

Cage Size

Firstly, the cage should not be round. Do not forget this. Your cage must be square or rectangular. Round cages can cause loss of the sense of direction in the cockatiel. In addition, your bird will often be stressed in a round cage. Rectangular cages should be at least 30cm x 30cm x 30cm for single cockatiel and 50cm x 50cm x 50cm for couples. These are the minimum dimensions. It gets better if it gets bigger. It would be nice to have horizontal wires two sides of the cage and vertically wires on the other two sides. You should choose a brass cage, not painted. Thus, while pecking the cage wires, they do not remove the paints and eat and poison. 

Another important point is that there must be a grill under the cage. They love to poke and peck everything. In other words, while cockatiels are walking around the cage floor,  they should not be able to reach the dirt under that.  Perches should be wooden. Do not use plastic roost. It is ideal to be 1 or 1.5 cm in diameter and round.

Also, There Should be:

Cuttlefish Bone: In order to get the necessary calcium. Bird Sand: It is necessary for them in order to digest food. Fill half of a little feeder. They will eat when they need it. You don't need to pour it into the seed.  Mineral Block: For calcium and mineral need. Feeders and Water Bowls: They should ideal size for your cockatiels. Bath Tub: They will use it while having a bath.Toys: Get wooden ones, not plastics. Swing is their favorite. Iodine Block: A form of nibble block which is packed full of many essential minerals. This will provide healthy bone, muscle and feathers.

Clean the cage every 2 days. Place them in the room where they can see you. Their cages should get enough light. Remember. If you offer them a beautiful living space, they also live longer and healthier.

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