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Cockatiels are friendly and social birds. If you are going to get a cockatiel, you need to keep this in mind. These are not the birds to live alone at a cage, in a corner of the room. You should take care of them every day. So you should treat them like a family member. You should give them the opportunity to spend time outside the cage every day. In this way, they get used to you and can establish closer relationships. These birds like to gnaw. If you are going to release them in the home, eliminate items and dangers such as cables and books, or keep your tiels under your eyes. Instead, place toys in your cage that your bird can gnaw. As a personal opinion, I recommend you to take two cockatiels instead of one. Although you take care of them, you cannot be their bird friend. This is in their nature. To make them feel in nature, get them a huge cage. You need to clean their cage every 2 days. If your birds do not bathe themselves, you should wash them every 2 weeks. Read the ''Cage'' title on my site for more.


Cockatiels are birds who love to eat. In order for them to be healthy, stronger and more resistant to diseases, you need to pay attention to the foods you will put in their cages. You can buy this food in open or closed packaging from pet stores. Another favorite food of cockatiels is millet. A cockatiel, who tastes the millet, starts running to him immediately when it sees it again. For this reason, millet is usually given as a reward during training. If you always put millet in the cage, it will cause your bird to become overweight. However, you can always have crackers in the cage. They will spend time and energy while eating it. Apart from these, there are also foods that you should give your birds. In the vegetable category, you can give your bird lettuce, parsley, green pepper, carrot, potato, mint, corn, arugula and cress. In the fruit category, their favorite is apple and banana. If you give these fruit vegetables too much, it will be harmful to your bird. I will write a nutrition program for extra food below. Apart from these, dried fruits and egg are also their favorite foods. All these foods and water should be refreshed daily. Don't forget to add vitamins to your bird's water. You also need to place a beak stone and cuttlefish bone in the cage. These are important for your bird's digestive system. Check out the nutrition program for extra food below.

Sunday  >   Millet 

Monday  >   1 Vegetable

Tuesday  >   1 Fruit

Wednesday > Millet

Thursday > 1 Vegetable

Friday > 1 Fruit

Saturday > Egg

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