Taming Cockatiels

tamed cockatiel

Cockatiels are very calm but also playful birds. They can interact with people in a short time. All you have to do is to wait patiently while trying to tame them. Because these birds are very clever and they test you. Male cockatiels are more cautious about trusting people. Therefore, they make the process even longer. However, it is possible to interact more quickly with female cockatiels. Cockatiels are social birds. They like to play games with you, to walk on the shoulder or finger. But to have tamed cockatiels, they should trust you first.

First Days at Home

When your bird comes home, place the cage where your bird can see everyone and do not take it out of the cage for at least 10 days. It recognizes the environment and you during this time. So it gets used to you. If you take the bird out before 10 days, it will not be able to fly in an unknown environment. He will not even be able to go back to his cage. And if you try to catch it, it will be afraid of you. He will never trust you again. So do not take out a pet bird from the cage earlier than 10 days.

tamed cockatiels

Hand Feeding

You can now try to approach the bird slowly. During the day, walk close to the cage and even sit in front of the cage. Talk to him. Do not make sudden movements. This way, stay near the cage for another two days. When you feel that the bird is not afraid of you, you can open the door of the cage. You can now try feeding your bird with your hand. Gently put your hand into the cage. Do not make sudden movements. Cockatiels love millet. Give them millet. Then just wait. This may take 1 min, 10 min or 1 hour. If your bird does not take millet, do not push too hard. Try again periodically. If you do nothing to scare him, he will eventually eat the millet from your hand.

Taking Your Bird on Your Finger

Put your hand slowly into the cage. Do not make sudden movements. Slowly approach the bird. At this moment, the bird can be afraid and hiss to you. It may even bite you. If it bites, don't pull your hand. If you take your hand, it will bite you again each time. Anyway, your bird's bite does not hurt much. At this stage, when you extend your hand to the bird, your bird will probably not be in your hands. Now you will need to use millet. Your bird knows the millet from the previous process. So place your hand between the millet and the bird. Then just wait. Your waiting time can vary from 1 minute to 1 hour. So if you have waited too long, you can try again later. Do this 3-4 times a day. Your bird will surely come to you to eat the millet.